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Welcome back, dear readers, to another thrilling chapter of the Stag Hotel Chronicles. Buckle
up, because this week has been a rollercoaster ride of hilarity and surprises in the heart of
Lyndhurst. So, grab your popcorn and prepare for a laughter-packed extravaganza!
Let’s dive right into the madness. Picture this: one of our adventurous punters, let’s call him
Pete, had an unexpected surprise in store for his partner. Unbeknownst to them, Pete decided to
spice up their lives by purchasing not one, not two, but a whopping ten Shetland ponies! Can
you imagine the look on their faces when they arrive home to find a mini equine parade? Pete
might have set a new record for the most adorable and unexpected surprise in Lyndhurst
history. We can’t wait to hear how that unfolds!
Now, let’s switch gears and travel back in time. Our mischievous Maria, the queen of pranks, had
her sights set on our regulars, Dave and Vikki. Maria, in her infinite wisdom, decided it was time
to transport them back to the glorious ’80s. Armed with her wicked sense of humour, she
stealthily (ish) snuck up on Vikki’s freshly valeted car, leaving their names splashed across the
windshield for all to see. Little did they know that their lives were about to take a time warp.
Dave, ever the embodiment of the ’80s spirit, embraced the situation and drove down the high
street with unabashed pride. Rock on, Dave!

Meanwhile, our Duty Manager Amy and Front of House extraordinaire, Meg, had an unexpected
adventure of her own. In a daring move, they left the village for a day and ventured to our sister
site, the Old Mill at Salisbury. But here’s the twist—poor Meg was mortified to find out that she
had to abandon her trusty Ibiza-style work T-shirt and opt for a more formal attire. No cycling
shorts for our fearless Meg! We hope she managed to survive the fashion calamity and still
flaunted her unique style.

27 May 2023 Ponies, Time Travel, and Squirrel Shenanigans

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Stag @ Lyndhurst

27 May 2023 Ponies, Time Travel, and Squirrel Shenanigans
Next up, we have our unique Chef Meg, also known as the crazy Lyndhurst bird lady.
Rumour has it that she has a new furry friend in her life and no—a squirrel! Yes, you heard
that right. This furry visitor regularly stops by her balcony at home for some nutty
shenanigans. We must say, Chef Meg has truly outdone herself in the unconventional pet
department. Who needs batteries when you have a squirrel companion, right?
But wait, there’s more! Our dear Angus, known for his love of bold style choices, has taken
the plunge and embraced the Lyndhurst cult by getting a haircut inspired by the
legendary Phil Mitchell from Eastenders. We can only imagine the transformation and the
reactions Angus has been receiving. We salute your bravery, Angus, and hope the new cut
brings you all the East End luck!
Our lovely Lisa now has an amazing tan on one arm! She decided to do the cool slump
with one arm on the drive back from Wales with her arm out of the window!
As the sun continues to shine upon our hidden secret, the Stag Hotel Garden, we have
some exciting events lined up for our wonderful patrons. On Sunday evening, we’ll have
Liam White serenading us with his musical talents, setting the perfect ambiance. And
mark your calendars for Monday, 29th May, because it’s our family fun day! Ladies, don’t
forget to bring your support bras because we’ve got a bouncy castle waiting to take your
bouncing skills to new heights.
But that’s not all! It’s National BBQ Week, starting on the 29th. Come and indulge in
mouthwatering burgers and wash them down with a refreshing bucket of beer. And let’s
not forget, it’s also National Pride Month! Join us for our special Pride celebration and
enjoy five fabulous pride shots that will leave you feeling proud and fabulous.
That’s a wrap for this week’s edition of the Stag Hotel Chronicles. We hope you had as
much fun reading about our misadventures as we had living them. Stay tuned for more
laughter, surprises, and unforgettable moments straight from the heart of Lyndhurst.
Until next time, dear readers!

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