The Stag Chronicle: A week of gas mishaps, makeovers and quirky tales!

The Stag Hotel Chronicles: A Week of Gas Mishaps, Burger Makeovers, and Quirky Tales!

Welcome, dear readers, to our very first blog edition of The Stag Hotel Chronicles! Prepare yourselves for a whirlwind of laughter, mouthwatering delights, unexpected adventures, and a touch of quirky charm. Let’s dive right into the rollercoaster ride that was our week at the Stag Hotel in Lyndhurst!

We kicked off the week with a gas-related conundrum when our extractor fan decided to take an unscheduled vacation. Luckily, the ever-reliable A Jupes Plumbing swooped in on a Sunday morning like superheroes in overalls to save the day! Thanks to their timely assistance, our service remained unaffected, and we could breathe a sigh of relief (and not just because the extractor fan was back in action).

Oh, the sun! It graced us with its warm presence, enticing patrons to flock to our expansive garden and courtyard. Laughter filled the air as people soaked up the rays and enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere. Our guest ale proved to be a huge hit, disappearing faster than a rabbit in a magic trick! But fret not, because we have a shiny new guest ale arriving this Wednesday, ready to quench your thirst and leave you wanting more.

Now, let’s talk burgers, shall we? Chef Rob has waved his culinary wand and conjured up a magnificent transformation of the Stag Burger. It’s nothing short of a mouthwatering masterpiece that will have you drooling at first sight. Don’t just take our word for it—come on down and sink your teeth into this heavenly creation. Your taste buds will be forever grateful!

In the spirit of community, we met with the local community center and joined hands in a mutual agreement to support them throughout the year. Because, let’s face it, a vibrant community is like a garden in full bloom—beautiful and thriving. We’re excited about the shared endeavors and can’t wait to spread joy and cheer together.

Entertainment is our middle name! We’ve spent countless hours meticulously planning our lineup of events, and we’re thrilled to announce that we have live music booked every Friday until September for our fabulous Funky Friday set. So put on your dancing shoes, dust off those moves, and get ready to groove the night away at the Stag Hotel!

But wait, there’s more! Even amidst the bustling week, we had our fair share of intriguing tales. Maria, our fearless leader, was invited to the Morning Advertiser Conference in Newcastle. She took Angus along for the ride, and it turns out he’s a seasoned traveler. Maria swears he didn’t blink the entire 45-minute flight! Talk about nerves of steel!

We also had some heartwarming news within our Stag family. Missy returned after a few weeks away, spreading her infectious energy and brightening our days. And let’s all raise a glass to Reed, who made the grand announcement of becoming a dad! Congratulations, Reed—it’s a journey of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, in the realm of our quirky crew, Megan from the Kitchen has earned the title of the “crazy bird lady” as she’s formed a special bond with the aviary’s feathered friends. The birds now trust her so much that they feed from her hand—an extraordinary sight indeed! On a different note, Lisa has embarked on an adventure to Wales, immersing herself in the company of sheep while cherishing the companionship of her new adoptive dogs. Life is full of surprises at every turn!

Lastly, we can’t forget our dedicated young staff, who are currently facing the dreaded exam season. The stress levels are soaring, but we have faith in their abilities and wish them the best of luck.


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